Park Projects

The Gazebo gets a facelift – October 2022

Back in 2009, when the concrete pad was poured for the gazebo, many folks saw it as a useful addition to the park. Over the years it was used for concerts, and from time to time folks used it during various park and private events, but it never seemed to achieve its full potential.

In recent years, the gazebo fell victim to vandalism in the form of grafitti, mostly with spray paint or permanent markers, and even a bit carved into one of the eight pillars.

That’s when we decided enough is enough! Thanks to a private donor and our neighborhood painting experts, Uptown Painting, and the good folks at Sherwin Williams Paint, we were provided expert assistance in selecting the appropriate primer and paint. The gazebo was then professionally masked and sprayed, and we have been provided with the materials to quickly touch up when vandals return. Additionally, we have instituted anti-vandalism measures and increased security and inspection to assure that park visitors will enjoy the gazebo as it was intended.

Hopefully, the beautiful gazebo will become the venue for future weddings — one of the dreams held for it from the beginning.